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Digital Soft Starters

SIRIUS Soft Starters – advantages at a glance :

  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Smooth starting, without steps
  • Reduced current peaks
  • Avoidance of line voltage fluctuations during start-up
  • Reduced load on the power supply system
  • Reduced mechanical load in the drive
  • Considerable space savings and reduced wiring compared to other starters
  • Maintenance-free switching
  • Ease of handling
  • Perfectly matched with SIRIUS devices for the control cabinet

Operating Principle of Digital Soft Starters?

Soft starters limit the starting current and starting torque. This reliably prevents both mechanical stress as well as line voltage dips. The motor voltage is reduced through phase angle control and increased from an adjustable starting voltage up to the line voltage within the ramp time. Thanks to the step-free control of the supply voltage, the motor is adjusted to the driven machine’s load behavior. Mechanical operating equipment is accelerated in a particularly gentle manner, which positively influences its operating behavior and prolongs its service life. In short: Soft starting and stopping protects the connected devices and ensures a smooth production flow.

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