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Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

Introduction :
3RV circuit-breakers are compact, current-limiting circuit-breakers designed for fuseless motor feeders of the 21st century. The circuit-breakers are therefore referred to as “Motor Protection Circuit Breai‹ers” (MPCB).

The circuit-breaker fulfils the isolation conditions as per IEC 947-3 and the additional test conditions for circuit breakers with isolation characteristics as per IEC 947-2. The MPCBs can be deployed as mains and emergency stop circuit breakers with appropriate accessories.

Features :

  • MPCB / contactor combination for fuseless motor feeder (type-2 coordinated).
  • Rotary operating mechanism.
  • MPCB with "relay function”. A totally new concept.
  • Suitable for service temperatures up to 70°C
  • Current limiting type. Tripping time 5 msec.
  • Wide range of site fittable accessories, common for complete range.
  • Trip free mechanism.

Advantages :

  • Short circuit proof for faults upto 50 KA - high system uptime.
  • Visual On / Off / Trip indication, reset function, padlock feature.
  • "Relay function™ — results in longer life of the system because the contactor interrupts overload faults, instead of the MPCB.
  • Reliability of protection is ensured.
  • Faster fault clearing for enhanced life of installations.
  • Flexibility in designing the system with minimum inventory.
  • Positive opening in the event of faults.

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